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Maintenance Plumbers Melbourne

Body Corporate  & Owners Corporation Specialists

Kilburn Plumbing are Melbourne based specialist plumbing maintenance providers to body corporate properties. With more than 35 years in the industry we provide complete maintenance plumbing services across Melbourne. If you are looking for reliable and experienced plumbing partner then call Kilburn Plumbing in Melbourne

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Maintenance plumbers specialising in body corporate works

✔ General Plumbing Maintenance

✔ Hydro Drain cleaning with the latest quality equipment

✔ CCTV pipe inspection

✔ Leak Detection

✔Roofing replacement & repairs

✔ Excavations with mini excavator designed for tight access

✔ Major/minor sewer and stormwater replacement and/or repairs

✔ Pipe relining

✔ Site inspections, and scope of works and reports provided

✔ Emergency make safe of any owners corporation common area

✔ Burst pipe repairs

✔ Sewer & stormwater blockages

✔ Inspections, installations & gutter cleaning

✔ Ongoing maintenance and annual repairs

Ph 03 9428 0056

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Welcome to kilburn Plumbing
Providing Maintenance Plumbing to Owners Corporation's

Based in Melbourne we have developed a strong corporate position servicing many Body Corporate & Owners Corporation
Maintenance Plumbing requirements.

We have been providing this service for over 30 years going from strength to strength.

With staff numbers increasing to meet our ever growing work load we are always aiming to improve our already high level of expertise and customer service.
We have been providing specialist Maintenance services to most of Melbourne's owners Corporation Management companies and Real Estate managers for many years.

We are often called to attend jobs that other plumbers have found to difficult or not to their liking or ability.
Our systematic approach and positive staff attitude has allowed us to complete many tasks that others would consider almost impossible.
Such as difficult sewer replacements, Multi Story roof replacements where access for machinery and lifting equipment is limited.


We are based in Richmond in Melbourne however we have staff located in all corners of the Melbourne area and whilst we like to work local we are often called to attend properties outside or local area.

As we provide maintenance based plumbing services to owners corporation managed properties throughout Melbourne

We offer a wide range of services to our client base.

General Plumbing Maintenance

Hydro Drain cleaning with the latest quality equipment

CCTV pipe inspection.

Leak Detection.

Roofing including total re grade and replacement.

Excavations with mini excavator designed for tight access.

Water proofing and sub surface Drainage problems solved.

Major Sewer drain replacement and repairs.

Pipe re lining.

Site inspections, and scope of works and reports provided.

Electrical faults detected and repaired.

Plaster & paint repair and reinstatement.

Emergency make safe of any owners corporation common area.

Body-Corporate Managers / Owners Corporation Managers

If you live in an apartment block you will have an owners corporation manager.
Your owners corporation manager is employed by the owners corporation committee, the group of owners appointed to manage the and take an interest in the day to day running of your building.

Your owners corporation manager makes sure that your common power,gas, & water accounts are paid, that your building is correctly insured, and that the day to day issues that affect the common or overall operation of your site are managed efficiently, effectively and professionally.

Your manager will also play an important part in the day to day maintenance of your site where common or building structure issues arise.

If your sewer drain is blocked and overflowing you should contact your owners corporation manager, they in turn will send a work order to a suitably experienced Plumbing Contractor such as us.
kilburn Plumbing has been servicing owners corporation sites for many years.

We provide general plumbing maintenance for all common area or common facility installations within your property.

We try to keep away from providing service to individual apartment owners for so called private service work.

Due to our 100% commitment to our owners corporation clients we endeavour to provide the fastest turn around time possible where maintenance plumbing issues are concerned, if we spend time dealing with private service work for individual property owners we are not able to commit the required amount of attention to our owners corporation clients.

We advise that if you have and individual issue such as a leaking tap inside your apartment that your contact your local plumber.
you may wish to contact our office and we will recommend a local plumber that should be able to assist with your requirements.
03-94280056 any time

Common or Private.
That is the most important thing to consider before call to report a maintenance issue affecting you or your building.

A general rule to consider is that if the problem is only affecting your apartment the problem may not be an owners corporation problem.
Such as a leaking tap within your bathroom, don't call your owners corporation manager to report this fault contact your real-estate agent or if you are the property owner contact your own local plumber.

If the issue is an emergency, out of hours or if the issue is causing damage to a common area, another apartment or causing damage to the building its self contact your owners corporation manager straight away.

If you are having problems with your owners corporation,
your owners corporation manager, or you require information in relation to an owners corporation matter you should contact

In an emergency affecting your owners corporation contact your owners corporation management provider.

All owners corporation managers have an after hours point of contact o deal with any kind of problem.

A number of owners corporation managers use Kilburn.

We can be contacted on (03) 9428 0056

Please note we don't just deal with plumbing issues.

Plumbing Faults

Electrical Faults

Access control Faults

Building damage

Security faults

Broken windows

24 hours seven days a week 365 days a year
You can contact Kilburn Plumbing to deal with almost any maintenance issue affecting your owners corporation common area property.

From blocked drains to broken windows or stuck car park gates.
Call kilburn Plumbing

(03) 9428 0056


Our experienced maintenance staff will be able to assist you in solving your problem.

Kilburn Plumbing
19 Stephenson Street
Richmond 3121

Lic. 17409.
please note our emergency & after hours service is for owners corporation managed sites, where the emergency is affecting common area , common services such as water power or gas or where damage is being caused to the structure or multiple apartments

Kilburn Plumbing advise that all apartment building residents take out private insurance to cover the contents of their apartment.
Damage & loss of individual apartment contents are not covered by your owners corporation building cover insurance.

A burst hot water unit in an apartment above can cause a large amount of damage to your lower apartment, carpet, TV Clothing.
None of which is covered unless you retain your own insurance cover.

Any issue affecting common property.